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Travel Vlog: Alone in Prague

| Туризм и Отдых | 04.10.2017


Hi! welcome to my new channel!
This video is all about my 5 day trip to Prague and small tips to enjoy your vacation alone.

Click here for the Hebrew written version: http://bit.ly/2yP1svW
Here are some more recommendations:
1. Google your way to some second hand shops — the things you will find are so valuable and special.
2.Try to eat at local round-the-corner kinda places, if you are on a budget, anything from Prague 3 and up will be cheaper than Prague 1 and old-town.
3. Buy your metro-tram ticket at the local Relay stores, they are everywhere. don’t use the machines at the station — they only take coins and only allow up to 24 hour ticket. Don’t forget to validate!
3. Google for local museums and art, I wasn’t into going this trip but i’m sure you will find plenty.
4. Get yourself an airbnb, They are cheaper than hotels and will be more in the center so everything will be a walk away.
5. Don’t do the touristy sex and wax museums, they really weren’t worth the money and the was museum in NY and LA are way better.
6. Get yourself an ice cream in a Kurtosh — Best treat ever.
7. Buy a bottle of water in a convinient store, Tap water in restaurants will cost you more than beer.
8. Just replace your water consumption with Beer for the time you spend in Prague, it’s the best thing.


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