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Roelly «The Beast» Winklaar; 2017 EVLS Prague Pro Prejudging [LQ]

| Туризм и Отдых | 04.10.2017


From: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn-yzp837K1XM3g99PrfA8A
Egberton Rulove «Roelly» Etienne Winklaar (June 22, 1977; Curaçao) AKA «The Beast» @ the IFBB EVLS Prague Pro in the Czech Republic on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. Roelly won this show!


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5 Ответов Кому “Roelly «The Beast» Winklaar; 2017 EVLS Prague Pro Prejudging [LQ]”

  1. What song is he posing on???

  2. I know you will win.Because i believe in you,your hard work,your passion,your concentration and your muscles.

  3. The olympia show is one corruption and roelly winklar is the better

  4. How long are we as fans going to put up with Olympia and their fucking racism of politics Phil did not win we all know it

  5. love your channel bro always new content for roelly! check out my mini documentary i made about him on my videos

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