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| Туризм и Отдых | 03.10.2017


Have you ever wondered what you should/shouldn’t buy in Prague as a souvenir? Hopefully this video will help you to avoid the total bummers…feel free to comment & share!!!

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19 Ответов Кому “NEVER BUY THIS in Prague”

  1. hey man, im a student and ill be coming to prague next week around like 8-9pm to go to Brno which is where my dorm located. i was just gonna ask, how can we go to Brno from Prague? should we take a bus? would there be bus rides around those hours? or should we take the train or something? i dont know if youre gonna read this but anyways, thanks in advance

  2. Heyyy BASTAAAAAAA (italian word)

  3. Russian doll? What's wrong of bying russian dolls? Do i need to go to russia to buy this? Ohh plzzzzz

  4. I'm in Prague and I'm searching for weed can someone help me

  5. Do people speak English in Prague????

  6. absinth actually is not from france but from switzerland

  7. Becherovka is a much better souvenir… nice product placement! LOL

  8. why the fuck am i watching this I'm not even planning to visit Prague

  9. ща бы матрешек шкварить

  10. It's just a god damn doll. Calm down

  11. The ban of Absinthe is canceled in most EU-countries, so you can actually buy it in other countries as well. It is not very popular though, so it makes a bad souvenir anyway.

  12. LOL I've been there yesterday and it was awesome! :D

  13. Taking advice from a guy having Starbucks coffee in Prague… Hmmm.. not happening!

  14. Excellent tips. I am traveling to Prague next week. Can't wait to get there.

  15. all karlova street is a mecca of bullshit WTF MATRIOSHKA,THAI MASSAGE,

  16. Thanks for this video!

  17. 'Celebrate' the 20 years of Soviet occupation after the Prague Spring. Buy a Russian doll or an ugly Soviet bear hat. :p

    If I didn't condemn violence, a tourist buying one of those should be slapped in the face.

  18. Make a video about souvenirs we should buy! I am super excited about visit prague for the third time in January and it would be nice to get something authentic this time.

  19. thank you so much for this ..I luvvved my stay in prague and yes I bought absinthe …which was from hell…lol

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